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EP#26 Make Thai Sentences | ต่อ (dtòr) to continue

Updated: May 27

In this video, we delve deeper into the different contexts where 'ต่อ' (dtòr) to continue can be used, and how it can be applied in your everyday conversations with native Thai speakers.

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- C O N T E N T -


tam ngaan dtòr


non dtòr


chǎn yàak nɔɔn tɔ̀ɔ


kŏr dtuua bpai tam ngaan dtòr ná


pôot dtòr


pôot dtòr dâai loiie kráp


riian dtòr


chăn jà bpai riian dtòr dtàang bprà-têt


dtòr rót

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