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Free eBook "Basic Thai for Shopping"

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The most essential Thai phrases for a comfortable and enjoyable trip! Here are a few basic Thai phrases that will help you get by.

Counting in Thai is relatively straightforward, and by memorising only 17 words you can count into the millions. If you can learn the Thai numerals, your chances of being able to only pay the Thai price are much improved!

Thai Numbers

0 ศูนย์ sŏon

1 หนึ่ง nèung

2 สอง sŏng

3 สาม săam

4 สี่ sèe

5 ห้า hâa

6 หก hòk

7 เจ็ด jèt

8 แปด bpàet

9 เก้า gâo

10 สิบ sìp

Where is ..? .. yuu tii-nai?

bathroom: hawng-nahm

hawng-nahm yuu tii-nai? Where is the bathroom?

restaurant: rahn-ah-hahn

rahn-ah-hahn uu tii-nai? Where is the restaurant?

I want this. ao an nii

"ao" means take, "annii" means this one.

How much is that? an nan tao-rai?

"annan" means that one, "taorai" means how much?

Can you lower the price? lod dai mai ?

"lod" means lower (the price), "daimai" means can you?

Women always say ka and men always say krup.

suh-waht-dee ka

suh-waht-dee krup

Learning just a few essential Thai phrases while traveling in Thailand can really change your experience. Invest in Thai lessons- If you’re serious about learning Thai while you are in the country, invest in lessons. Practicing the basics and starting it off with proper knowledge on the languages phonemes and accents will help you in mastering this language.

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