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How to Introduce Yourself in Thai (Super Easy Thai Phrases)

Looking to start some Thai conversations? The first step you'll need to take is introducing yourself! Introducing yourself is important in making a good impression. In this lesson, we're going to look at the expressions that will teach you how to introduce yourself in Thai.

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- P H R A S E S -

Male final particle ครับ kráp

Female final particle ค่ะ kâ

“I or Me” for male speakers ผม pŏm

“I or Me” for female speakers ฉัน chăn

สวัสดีครับ / ค่ะ

sà-wàt-dee kráp / kâ


ผม/ฉันชื่อ (your name)

pŏm / chăn chêu

My name is ….


chăn chêu byu

My name is Byu.

ผม/ฉันมาจากประเทศ (country’s name)

pŏm / chăn maa jàak bprà-tâyt ….

I’m from …..


chăn maa jàak bprà-tâyt tai

I’m from Thailand.

ผม/ฉันเป็นคน (country’s name)

pŏm / chăn bpen kon …

I’m a ….. person. (Nationality)


chăn bpen kon tai

I’m a Thai person.

ผม/ฉันเป็น (your occupation)

pŏm / chăn bpen …

I’m a ….


pŏm / chăn bpen kruu

I’m a teacher.

ผม/ฉันชอบ (your hobbies or preferences)

pŏm / chăn chôp ….

I like ….


chăn chôp aa-hăan tai

I like Thai food.


kun chêu à-rai

What’s your name?


yin dee têe dâai róo jàk ná

Nice to know you!


- R E S O U R C E S -

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