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How to Pronounce Japanese Colors 色 iro (Enrich your words and vocabulary!)

In this mini lesson, let's learn the names of various Japanese colors to enrich your words and vocabulary. You’ll be surprised how often you use color words to describe things on a daily basis. For instance, you’re shopping and need to specify what you’re looking for.

- W O R D S -

  • オレンジ Orenji orange.

  • きいろ 黄色 Ki-iro yellow

  • あお 青 Ao blue

  • あか 赤 Aka red

  • みどり 緑 Midori green

  • くろ 黒 Kuro black

  • ちゃいろ 茶色 Cha-iro brown

  • ピンク Pinku pink


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