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How to Use "While ~ながら" in Japanese (Doing two actions at the same time!)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Here is the complete guide on how to use ながら (~nagara) in Japanese. ながら can express simultaneous actions and be translated as “while” in English. ~nagara (~ながら) is a grammar structure that attaches to ます-Form without the ます

MAIN ACTION +  ながら、 + 2nd ACTION (Verb stem)

Sample Sentences

あるきます ながら、アイポッドをききま。

While I'm walking, I'm listening to my Ipod.


While I'm drinking coffee, I'm talking with my friend.


While I'm playing a guitar, I'm singing.


While I'm watching TV, the phone rang.

I prepared more exercises of how to use ながら (~nagara) in this downloadable PDF. Download a PDF for this lesson! ▹ Click here!

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