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Make Thai Sentences | ค่อย (kôi) quite / not really

Learn Thai through sentence-expansion-practice video series based on essential vocabulary used every day! Today's topic is the word "ค่อย (kôi)" which means “quite / not really". Please read aloud to practice your tones and pronunciation. If you enjoy these sentence-building practices, don’t forget to subscribe and go back to watch this playlist.

Thai Sentence-building Practice ▸

- P H R A S E S -

ค่อยๆเดิน ไม่ต้องรีบ

kôi kôi dern mâi dtông rêep

Walk slowly! Don’t have to be hurry!


gin kâao láew kôi bpai tam ngaan

Eat and then (slowly) go to work!

พรุ่งนี้ค่อยทำการบ้าน ก็ได้

prûng-née kôi tam gaan bâan gôr dâai

Tomorrow I will (then) do homework! It’s okay!


an née mâi kôi à-ròi

This one is not that tasty.

X อันนี้ค่อยอร่อย

an née kôi à-ròi

ค่อย ( kôi ) can’t be used in statement sentences!


chăn mâi kôi òk gam-lang

I don’t exercise that often.

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