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Learn Thai from Minimal Pairs (Speech Therapy Practice)

Minimal pairs are two similar sounding words that differ in only one phonological element. They are a great way to help you become more aware of pronunciation. In this lesson, we’ll discuss examples of some common minimal pairs which can cause problems for students who learn Thai as an international language. Try saying the words out aloud, do you notice how similar they sound?

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1. Initial Consonant

เผ็ด pèt spicy

เป็ด bpèt duck

กว้าง gwâang wide

ขว้าง kwâang throw

2. Final Consonant

เล่น lên play

เล่ม lêm a classifier for books

โดน dohn hit; clashing with

โดม dohm dome

3. Tones

ไข่ kài egg

ไข้ kâi fever

ใด dai any

ได้ dâai can

4. Mixed

ขี่ม้า kèe máa ride a horse

ขี้หมา kêe măa dogs mess

น้ำจิ้ม náam jîm sauce

น้ำจิ๋ม náam jĭm xxxx liquid


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