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Let’s Fix Your “Mid Tone” in Thai! (Pronunciation Tips)

In Thai, every syllable is pronounced in one of five tones: low, mid, high, falling, or rising. The mid tone is not supposed to rise or fall. This video will help you apply the correct mid tone.

Thai mid tone is the same pitch with “LA”.

  • อา aa

  • เต dtay

  • ดี dii

  • กอ gor

Thai doesn’t have tone changing rules.

  • สวยดี sŭay dee

  • ไม่ไป mâi bpai

  • บ้าบอ bâa-bor

  • ดีไหม dee măi

Double Mid Tones

  • ยินดี yin dee

  • มีใจ mee jai

  • ดีๆ dee dee

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