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How to Use Particle で (Place of Action)

Updated: May 9, 2019

The most confusing part of learning Japanese language is particles (じょし)! Today I would like to share how to use "particle で" as a place of action marker.

Particle "で" usually goes together with "action verb" "で" indicates the place where that action takes place. Let's have a look of these sample sentences.

わたしは きっさてん おちゃを かいます。

I will buy a cup of tea at the café.


My mom bought some meat at the supermarket.


Did you study English at the university?


No, I studied on Skype.

Keep in mind that particle "で" cannot be used with stative verbs including verbs meaning "moving toward direction"(行きます、帰ります、来ます).

タイで行きます。This sentence is incorrect because 行きます isn't working as an action verb. It means that you are moving towards to the place. タイ行きます or タイ行きます are more appropriate in this case.

タイマンゴを食べます。I will eat mango in Thailand.

タイ水泳したいです。I want to swim in Thailand.


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