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Physical vs Digital Flashcards

Flashcards and spaced repetition are one of the best ways to memorize vast amounts of information, which comes in handy. Are online flashcards more effective?

I’ve started with paper flashcards when I was in middle and high school as a Thai growing up learning English as an international language. In particular I liked to physically writing out my study notes by hand as somehow the more involved task of writing things out by hand seems to make it stick better in my memory.

Remembering from physical practice is what keeps me from forgetting and I feel that muscle memory has a certain role to play in remembering knowledge. Also, i really like drawing a map on a card and cramming it with information.

Currently, I'm a huge fan of digital notecards, as they allowed me to study quickly and switch subjects seamlessly while on the go. It is convenience, mobility and easy repetition for missed cards. There are many free apps and websites that are free to use and you can see other people’s notes and flashcards for the same subjects you are studying to save your time and enhance your study efficiency.

I would highly recommend you to use some online flashcards tools to help you with study. You can review new vocabulary wherever you go if you can access internet. You can also associate images with certain words. There are flash card apps such as Anki and Quizlet, which are very useful.


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