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Thai Traditional Coconut Grater 🌴🥥 กระต่ายขูดมะพร้าว grà-dtàai kòot má-práao

👋 What do you think this object is? คุณคิดว่าสิ่งนี้คืออะไร kun kít wâa sìng née keu à-rai

Today we're talking about Thai traditional coconut grater. The Thai traditional coconut grater is a kitchen tool used in Thai cooking to grate coconut into fine shreds.

Coconut grater 🥥


grà-dtàai kòot má-práao


กระต่าย grà-dtàai means rabbit

ขูด kòot means to scrap or grate

มะพร้าว má-práao means coconut

Coconut is an essential ingredient in Thai cuisine, and this grater makes it easy to get coconut milk, coconut cream, and more.

To use the grater, simply place coconut shell on the sharp scrapper and grate the coconut. It looks easy but actually a good upper-body exercise.

The end result is perfectly grated coconut, ready to be squeeze into coconut milk. Whether you're making a delicious green curry, a classic Tom Kha Gai soup, or just want to add some fresh coconut flavor to your cooking, in the past we need the Thai traditional coconut grater.


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