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Tips for Online Language Learners

Best Tips to Learn Languages Online

Language learning has been revolutionised by the creation of the Internet. Honestly, I’ve seen the supposed “hacks” for language learning, and none of them worked for me. Here are some language learning tips I’ve gathered over the past few years:

Stick to a Schedule Most importantly, you need to stick to doing the actual learning – we all know how distracting the Internet can be! Although the beauty of online lessons is that you can do them whenever convenient, some people may give up in the end if there’s too much freedom. It can be more effective to stick to a schedule and take a series of lessons. For example: taking Skype online lessons twice a week and sprinkling in video courses during your spare time.

Immerse Yourself Before the Lesson

Watch a movie or TV show, listen to a podcast or to music, etc. anything to get your ears used to the language and put you in your target language mode!

Prepare a “Self Introduction” For New Tutors

This seems obvious, but be ready to talk about yourself! Many teachers will ask you to introduce yourself at the beginning of the lesson, especially if it’s the first lesson. For some people this can be difficult to do on the spot, even in their native language, so you may feel less nervous if you prepare one in advance. Start with your name, nationality, (age), what you studied/are studying, your interests and hobbies, why you’re studying the language, etc.

Use Online Flashcards

Online Flashcards are a perfect tool for learning languages. They allow you to quickly cover a lot of vocabulary while also allowing you to brush up on your knowledge periodically.

Find a Tutor You Like

Finding a tutor that you genuinely enjoy talking to will make scheduling lessons feel like making plans with friends.

Take Part in Online Language Classes

There are many 1-on-1 and video online lessons available on the internet.

Use YouTube

Listen to songs, watch silly videos and ads in a different languages – you will be surprised how much you will understand! Try singing along for fun and to practice your speaking skills.

Think of Questions

Most teachers are welcoming of language questions even if they aren’t directly related to the lesson, so if you came up with any while studying on your own, set them aside to ask your teacher later.

Today, at the click of a button, we are connected with people all around the world. We can share information and knowledge with millions of people. We can hear foreign languages spoken every day without having to travel. Language lessons can be held online. The Internet has thoroughly changed the way we learn and access information.

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