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Make Thai Sentences | เข้าใจ (kâo jai) Understand

Learn Thai through sentence-expansion-practice video series based on essential vocabulary used every day! Today's topic is the word "เข้าใจ (kâo jai)" which means “to understand". Please read aloud to practice your tones and pronunciation. Did you find this video useful? Don't forget to subscribe for my weekly video!

- P H R A S E S -


kâo jai réu bplào

Do you understand (or not)?


mâi kâo jai loie

I don’t understand at all.


kâo jai láew

I already understood.


kun kâo jai pìt láew

You misunderstood!


kun kâo jai tòok láew

You get it right!


chăn kâo jai kăo ná

I understand him.


pŏm kít wâa kun mâi kâo jai têe pŏm pôot

I think you don’t understand what I said.

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