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Mini Japanese Lessons | Saying "How Often" in Japanese よくしますか。

よくしますか。can be translated as “How often do you.....?” in English. In most of the cases よく should be put just before the verb but you can also put よく at the beginning of the sentence.



I often study Japanese.


I often study Japanese.


I often read the newspaper.


I often read the newspaper.

Positive Frequency

まいにち  Everyday

よく   Often

いつも           Always

ときどき Sometimes

まいにち うどんを たべます。

I eat Udon everyday.

よく ぎんこうに いきます。

I often go to the bank.

Negative Frequency

あまり  not much

ぜんぜん not at all/never

あまり うどんを たべません。

I don’t eat Udon much.

ぜんぜん ぎんこうに いきません。

I don’t go to the bank at all.

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