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1 hr 45/15 Pomodoro | Study with Me (Relaxing, Calm, Chillax)Playlist

sà-wàt-dee kâ sà-baai dee măi ká สวัสดีค่ะ สบายดีไหมคะ Hello everyone! In this pomodoro session, you study for 45 minutes and spend 15 minutes of your break time. I chose these songs that are in a relaxing rhythm. Hope you like this playlist.

Study with Me on YouTube! ▸

- M A T E R I A L S -

Today I self-studied Mandarin for 45 minutes and watched a Chinese language video on YouTube for 15 minutes. Here is a list of materials I use for learning Mandarin.

↳ A Course in Contemporary Chinese 2 Mandarin - Training Center National Taiwan Normal University

↳ Dang Dai Application - Training Center National Taiwan Normal University

↳ YouTube: Chinese e-Learning Center, NOU (TW) 國立空中大學數位華語文中心

↳ Timer: Forest Application

- P L A Y L I S T -


00:00 On Your Arm (Instrumental Version) - Slowfly

03:32 I Realised I'm in Love - Daniel Gunnarsson

06:48 Away for Too Long (Instrumental Version) - Torii Wolf

10:21 Hawaii (Instrumental Version) - Lil' Loca

13:16 I Wish - Mindme

15:55 Behind These Eyes - Trio Leo

18:07 Later at the Bar - Tiki Tiki

21:55 Can't Hold It in Anymore - Vividry

24:57 Say It To My Face - Gloria Tells

28:33 A Million Signs - Vividry

32:15 It Really Makes Me Wonder (Instrumental Version) - LOVING CALIBER

38:41 Paradise (I'm Taking You) - Shy5

42:11 Sweet Thing - Lopé

45:00 Quiet in the Garden - Justnormal

47:31 More Than Just a Fling - spring gang feat. Ed Mills

50:42 The Best Of Myself - Daniel Gunnarsson

53:53 Beach Day in Brooklyn - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist


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