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5 Useful Thai Phrases to Know Before You Enter a Convenience Store!

Have you ever wondered about phrases that convenience store staff say? When lining up at the cash register in Thai convenience stores, you’ll often get asked lots of questions by the staff. If you know the following Thai phrases, then you’ll be able to smoothly navigate through this ordeal! This time, I introduce some Thai phrases that will come in useful at convenience stores.


ùn măi

Would you like to heat up?

อุ่น ùn heat up

ไหม măi Do you...?

อุ่นค่ะ ùn kâ Heat up please! (Female Speakers)

อุ่นครับ ùn kráp Heat up please! (Male Speakers)


kŏr chón sôm

Please give me spoon and fork.

ช้อน chón spoon

ส้อม sôm fork


kŏr chón sôm dûay kâ

Please also give me spoon and fork.

ด้วย dûay also/together


sài tŭng măi

Would you like to put them in the bag?


mâi ao tŭng

I won’t get a bag.


ao tŭng

I’ll have a bag.



Please give me a bag.


kŏr sót

Can you give me some sauce? (Ketchup / Soy sauce / Sriracha)


kŏr lòt

Please give me a straw.

The most essential Thai phrases for a comfortable and enjoyable trip! This handy guide, complete with everything a traveler needs to know while staying in Thailand, will make your trip more enjoyable & give you the knowledge to get around Thailand.


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