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Crazy Thai Sentence Structure V+V+V (Collocations in Thai)

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

A collocation is two or more words that often go together. In Thai language, one sentence can have 3 to 4 verbs affiliated with each other. These combinations just sound "right" to native Thai speakers, who use them all the time. Let’s understand more about Verb Collocations in the Thai Language.

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- P H R A S E S -

Q: ไปไหนมา bpai năi maa Where have you been?

A: ไปวิ่งมา bpai wîng maa I went out for jogging (and now I’m back).


bpai tam sà-maa-tí maa

I went out for a meditation (and now I’m back).


bpai non maa

I slept (and now I’m back).


kun pon maa nâng kui gàp pŏm têe bâan

Mr. Pon came, sit, and talked with me at home.


wan née pŏm òk bpai nâng gin aa-hăan gàp pêuuan

Today I went out, sit, and ate meals with my friends.


fàak séu hâi nòi dâai măi

Can you please buy it for me?


  1. Today I went out, ate, and came back.

  2. Tom came, sit, and drank coffee with me at home.

  3. (Create your own sentence!)


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