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How to STOP BURNING OUT from Studying New Languages

Less inspired and creative in your language learning journey? You can overcome it, and prevent it from happening again! In my experience, I've found there are 3 things you can do to shake this habit off.

I definitely fall into the pattern of being exhausting, lack of motivation, and irritable. Language learning is the culmination of hours, weeks, months, or years of working on the same project. Here they are: 3 Strategies to Combat Burnout!

1. Maintaining a balance between your Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation

There are some students who stride into the language class ready to work and with a smile on their faces, while others drag themselves in.

To be intrinsically motivated, in the language learning context means that a person is engaged in language learning activities for;

  • The inherent pleasure and experience that comes from the engagement itself

  • The personal enjoyment

  • Studying a language you find fascinating

People who are extrinsically motivated, on the other hand, are performing an activity for some external reward.

  • Participating in a language learning to win awards or examinations

  • Competing in a contest to win a scholarship

  • Studying because you want to get a good grade

2. Identifying your goals

If you're really honest with yourself, what do you truly desire for language learning? Both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation play a significant role in learning. Very few of us ever achieve purely intrinsic motivation. Offering small rewards as extrinsic motivators may help focus on a short-term goal, but they should be used sparingly. Setting long-term goals is very important because we are all looking for long-term success.

3. Searching for your own answers

Rather than providing my own ideas on how to stay motivated, I always have my students search for their own answers because you're the driver of your own success.

Feel free to share with me in the comments... I'm all ears.


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