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Learn 50 Thai Action Verbs with Emojis (Vocabulary Building)

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Unleash your Thai language skills! Learn 50 action verbs with fun and easy-to-remember emojis. So, grab your notebook and pen and get ready to learn!

Don't forget to practice and use these verbs in your daily conversations to improve your language skills.

- C O N T E N T -

00:19 Action Verbs Challenge

01:15 What is action verb?

01:40 The list of 50 Thai action verbs

Can you tell me which one of these words is NOT an action verb? 🇹🇭🤔

Make Thai Sentences 2.0 (Antonyms in Thai Language)

Getting to know new words becomes easier when you know the antonym of that particular word. Learning antonyms is a great way to build your vocabulary when studying Thai. This audio course is designed to help you learn new Thai sentences.

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