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Learn Some Useful Vocabulary about Housework in Thai! 🏠✨

Updated: May 27

In this TikTok, you will learn some useful vocabulary in Thai related to housework.

Whether you are traveling to Thailand or just want to expand your language skills, these words will come in handy when it's time to do some cleaning or cooking. Let's get started! 🏠✨

- Vocabulary -


ngaan bâan



sák pâa

to wash


rêet pâa

to iron


láang jaan

to wash dishes


láang rót

to wash a car


tam kwaam sà-àat

to clean


tam kwaam sà-àat hông náam

to clean toilet


tam aa-hăan

to cook


dòot fùn

to vacuum


bplìian bpoo pâa bpoo têe non

to change bed sheet

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