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Learn Thai Colors by Flash Cards (Video Course + Free Printable Flashcards)

Print and Learn Thai with the Thai color flashcards. Use these printable color flash cards to increase your Thai communication skills and helps encourage an explorative mindset.

Enjoy learning on your own or with your kids using these minimalist color cards. This course is specifically designed for both adult and young learners. Each flash card includes Thai alphabets with an English pronunciation, so you can practice how to read and pronounce Thai too.


After your payment, you will have an access to download the purchased files. Which include 6 PDF or JPEG files letter size (8.5 in x 11 in)/ same as size A4 with:

  • 16 basic colors cards

  • 8 animals and shapes cards


  1. Purchase this course.

  2. After payment, download to your computer (in PDF or JPEG).

  3. Print on heavy paper (on your home printer or at a copy shop).

  4. Laminate for extra durability. (optional) ▸ Cut out.

  5. Enjoy learning with videos.

In this course, I speak only Thai except an introduction part of the video that I explain in English.

❤️ Enroll in the course here!


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