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Learn Thai | Textbooks vs. Reality (How big is the difference?)

How big is the difference between learning Thai language from books and real world? Learning a language is a difficult task and textbooks are incredible resources to use. If you bought a textbook for beginners, it will start with the basics, teaching how to read, pronounce and then start digging in typical basic knowledge of the language. Thai language is better learned by doing. (Practice makes perfect!) Jumping right into the conversation with your Thai friends will give you more ideas how things work!

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Different Pronunciation and Writing

ไหม măi = มั้ย mái (Question words for yes/no)

ใช่ไหม châi măi = ใช่มั้ย châi mái (Right?)

เขา kăo = เค้า káo (He/She)

เขาชื่ออะไร kăo chêu à-rai = เค้าชื่ออะไร káo chêu à-rai (What is his/her name?)

Multiple Ways of Pronunciation

ปกติ normally



เพิ่ง just



รสนิยม taste/preference

rót ní-yom


Shorten Words

ที่ไหน têe năi = ไหน năi (Where?)

มหาวิทยาลัย má-hăa wít-tá-yaa-lai (University) = มหาลัย má-hăa lai (Uni)


má-hăa wít-tá-yaa-lai yòo têe năi

Where is the university?


má-hăalai yòo năi

Where is the uni?


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