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Learn Thai with Nichkhun

Last week I found a very interesting playlist on Youtube called "Experience Thailand and More". Nichkhun, a popular Thai KPOP idol, and his little sister, Chereen, are super adorable in these videos. Let's travel around Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok with them and learn some Thai.

New Vocabulary

ไข่เจียวปู (kài jieow bpoo) Thai style crab omelet

อยากได้ (yàak dâai) want to get ; want to have

พอได้ (por dâai) It's not bad.

ไหม (măi) particle used to turn a statement into a question, similar to a question mark

ประเทศไทย (bprà-tâyt tai) Thailand

นางกวัก (naang gwàk) Ms. Welcome

ยิ้มเสแสร้ง (yím săysâeng) fake smile

ปูผัดผงกะหรี่ (bpoo pàt pŏng gà-rèe) crab with curry

เก่งภาษาไทย (gàyng paa-săa tai) good at Thai language

ขอสั่ง (kŏr sàng) Can I order?

วัด (wát) temple

Obviously, their English are excellent but we did learn some Thai from this video. These words might be really helpful for your next coming Thai trip. If you are looking for more phrases for travelers, please check out this video course "Essential Thai Phrases for Travelers". Make your Thai trip more enjoyable.

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