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Learning 10 Pick Up LINES in Thai (Cringey Thai Pick Up Lines)

Hello from Bangkok! Most of you might already knew how to say some romantic phrases in Thai. Actually, there are many “มุขเสี่ยว múk sìeow” or cringey pick up lines which people use to approach or start a conversation. These expressions cannot be found in any textbooks so keep on watching until the end!

- P H R A S E S -


sŏn jor-rá-kây wâai náam

To teach a crocodile how to swim.

(To teach someone something they are already master in it.)

ขอ ID ไลน์หน่อยได้ไหม

kŏr ID lai nòi dâai măi

May I have your LINE ID?


chûay sòng rôop hâi pŏm nai lai dâai măi

Can you send me these photos via LINE?


bpèrt wâap

To ask someone to present their Instagram or Facebook profile


kŏr bpèrt wâap-ai-jee nòi

Can I see your Instagram?


mee faen réu yang

Do you have BF or GF?

ความรักเราเริ่มที่ ศูนย์ 85 111 XXXX

kwaam rák rao rêrm têe sŏon 85 111 XXXX

Our love starts from zero 85 111 XXXX

อยากฟันขาวใช้คอลเกต อยากได้คนพิเศษคอลมานะ

yàak fan-kăao chái kor lá-gàyt yàak dâai kon-pí-sàyt kon maa ná

If you want to whiten up your teeth, use Colgate (The toothpaste’s brand). If you want to have a special someone, call me!

เขยิบหน่อยได้ไหม ใจเราจะได้ตรงกัน

Can you please slightly move? Our heart will be in the same position.

kà-yèrp nòi dâai măi jai rao jà dâai dtrong gan


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