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🇹🇭👋🏻 Let’s practice 5 tones in Thai!

Mastering Thai tones is an essential aspect of learning to speak the Thai language correctly. Thai is a tonal language, which means that the meaning of a word can change depending on the tone used to pronounce it.

Let’s practice 5 tones!

The Middle Tone (The Neutral Tone)

The Low Tone

The Falling Tone

The HighTone

The Rising Tone

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Hand Gestures

Positions of Your Chin

In conclusion, mastering Thai tones is crucial for anyone learning to speak Thai. It takes practice and dedication to develop the ability to recognize and produce the correct tone, but with time and effort, it is possible to become fluent in this tonal language.

So, keep practicing and don't be afraid to make mistakes – it's all part of the learning process.

Thai people are very helpful and willing to help and correct your tones.

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