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Use Podcasts to Help You Learn a Language

I’m always looking for other methods to engage my language learning brain, podcasts being one of them. Podcasts are an easy way to get language practice on the go. Become familiar with words you learn and get a better feel for the rhythms of the language.⁣

I’ve been recently making Japanese language learning podcasts and uploaded some on YouTube and iTunes. If you’re not sure where to start and want some recommendations, please go head and subscribe!

Podcasts are a wonderful way to learn new things and if you find the right one, to be wildly entertained and educational. Here are some usefulness of utilizing podcasts in your language learning journey.

Use Podcasts to Improve Listening Comprehension

This is where you listen and repeat back what you hear, trying to use exactly the same stress, speed, and intonation. Even when you do not understand all that you repeat back, it is nevertheless valuable as it involves active listening. In the beginning, you may not understand everything you hear, but nevertheless you will be hearing everything that is spoken.

Make It a Daily Thing

Make it a daily thing to listen to podcasts! Podcasts are one of the best ways to absorb actionable information on the go and hands-free. I am very grateful for all the times I’ve been listening "Chinese language learning podcasts" at home and been able to apply them the next day to my work or even to my personal life more effectively and save my time.

Podcasts are Portable!

You can take the podcast with you and listen whenever or wherever you want. Or, you can transfer the podcast to a personal media player such as your phone or computer! You can listen to podcasts while you do other things at work or at home, or during your commute.

Review, Again and Again

This capacity to review, again and again, is particularly valuable to students from various background or with learning difficulties. Instead of watching videos, you can consume podcasts while you do your chores. Perhaps one of the greatest pedagogic characteristics offered by educational podcasting is the chance to learn through listening.

Virtual hugs for even taking the time out of your day to read my blogs or listen to my podcasts! Hope my knowledge and contributions will be helpful!

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