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Traveling and Relocating Make Language Learning Progress Much Faster

Today I would like to share language learning inspiration with you. I came across these lines from the book "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss.

Though you can upgrade your brain domestically, traveling and relocating provides unique conditions that make progress much faster. - Tim Ferriss

What do you think? Putting yourself in the environment which forces you to speak the target language right away is another good approach.

I am just a Thai girl living the big dream! ⠀

As a typical Thai girl growing up in the south of Thailand, I always saw myself as a world traveler and dreamt of living in another country so I can meet various kinds of people from all kinds of different countries, cultures, and languages.

After living in Japan and South Korea and traveling to many countries, this year, I was off to my next chapter of my life! I officially moved from the Land of Smile, #Thailand to the Land of Bubble Tea, #Taiwan.

อะไรนะ à-rai ná! WHAT! and WHY? Because life is too short to be living in one place, your whole life. I also fell in love with East Asian culture and languages.

There are so much of the world to be lived in and to be discovered. I am eager to explore new cultures, oriental languages, Chinese traditions and break down barriers, stereotypes and misconceptions.

Acquiring a new language makes you aware of your own language: your own thoughts. - Tim Ferriss

I encourage you to TRAVEL as much as you can and LEARN as much as you can. I am ready to chase this next adventure; let’s do this! What is your experience with traveling or living abroad ? Share your fun stories with me and our community here!


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