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Why Do I Want To Be a Teacher?

When I first started BYU99.COM in 2016, I won’t lie, I felt so depressed and discouraged. I just passed the biggest failure of my life. Someone told me that I was stupid and not qualified for being a teacher.

The first day I launched BYU99.COM, I was very nervous and afraid that no one was going to sign-up and book my lessons.

This is my first intro video. It's hard for me because I'm shy and introvert. I just came back from South Korea and I dyed my hair blond because of my depression. I wanted to freshen up myself and start my new career path, being a hippie online teacher.

If there’s one thing I could tell my younger self when I first started my online teaching journey 6 years ago, it would be this:

You're going to be okay!

I love this quote from Will Smith.

"Don't chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people, the one who really belong in your life will come to you and stay." - Will Smith

Why do you want to be a teacher?

I love seeing people grow. It is the thing that money cannot buy.

It's exactly the same feeling as you guys seeing your kids grow up, graduate, and get married. It's exactly the same feeling as you guys seeing yourself grow. It's exactly the same feeling as you guys watching my YouTube channel grows from 0 to 7,800 subs.

I believe that learning Thai language shouldn't be hard and boring. To make the language that has 44 consonants + 32 vowels + 5 tones easy is my challenging mission. This is the reason why I started my YouTube channel.

Here I’m declaring my heartfelt thanks to everybody supporting BYU99.COM and my YouTube channel. I never expected this. We are not virtually connected only, but we are family. Thankful for your love and support.

Let me ask you the same question!

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self and why?


Kru Byu, I appreciate your candor, Thank You for sharing your story. - you inspire us to learn - young and old. Your support is earned and well deserved. The right people and success will find you. Well done Byu. - Take care

Oct 11, 2022
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ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ Your comment really made my day! 😀 Thanks a million.


So great Byu! Thanks for sharing. Its really fun to be your student. Khop khun krab

Oct 10, 2022
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ขอบคุณเช่นกันค่ะ 😀 I'm so happy that you found this blog inspiring,

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